MusEDLab NYU Shanghai workshop from NYU MusEDLab on Vimeo.


Workshop Part 1: 工作坊第一部分
Play With Your Music - MusEDLab Apps & Projects


  • aQWERTYon - QWERTY keyboard improvisation tool 一秒学会即兴弹奏
  • GroovePizza - Circular rhythmic groove creator   节奏可视化的律动比萨
  • Explore Mahler - Zoom into a performance by the NY Phil  像交响乐团乐手那样感受马勒交响曲
  • In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel Multitrack (** long loading time)  一首歌背后的多音轨
  • Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel Multitrack (** long loading time) 一首歌背后的多音轨2
  • Variation Playgrounds - Music creation apps for classical music  玩转古典音乐
  • Play With Your Music - Free creative online course  免费线上课程“玩转你的音乐”

Design Questions: 设计者思考的问题

  • What music would you like to see in these apps? 
  • 你想要在这些apps里听到什么样的音乐
  • How might these be adapted for a Chinese context? 
  • 这些apps可以怎样更好的适用于中国的音乐教育环境?
  • What are some barriers to using these apps?
  • 使用这些apps的过程中遇到了或可能遇到什么障碍?
  • What are some opportunities these apps enable for teachers, for kids, or for parents? 
  • 这些apps可以给老师,学生和家长创造什么新的学习机会?

Videos of Kids using our Apps 相关视频


Workshop Part 2: 工作坊第二部分

Play With Your Music - Makey Makey & Scratch

玩转你的音乐-体验Makey makey和Scratch

 For Makey Makey

For Scratch (and Makey Makey)

Design Questions: 设计者思考的问题

  • Who might use a newly designed Makey Makey for musical use?
  • 谁可能会对为音乐体验而新设计的Makey Makey感兴趣并且对其进行使用?
  • Why would they want to use it? 
  • 他们为什么想要用Makey Makey?
  • Where would they want to use it?
  • 他们会在什么情况下想要使用?
  • What are the current challenges in using Makey Makeys for music that you'd like to eliminate?
  • 在使用Makey Makey的过程中,你会想要解决哪些问题并作出何种改进?
  • What current experiences do you want to keep or preserve in your new design?
  • 基于现在的体验,有哪些设计你希望可以保留并且继续使用?
  • What new experiences might you be able to enable through a new design? What might be easier? Harder? or Better? Why?
  • 如果有新的设计,你会想要加入什么样的新体验?这些新的设计会在什么方面让体验变得更容易?更难?更好?为什么?


Examples from our Design Process - SmartBomb Labs

我们的设计过程示例 - 智慧炸弹实验室

SmartBomb Labs was a collaboration with Urban Arts Partnership bringing together middle and high school students and teachers designing solutions to challenges at the intersection of the arts and technology. See more here:

智慧炸弹实验室与Urban Arts Partnership 合作,将纽约的初中生,高中生和老师聚集在一起探讨艺术与科技融合中所遇到的挑战,并且针对挑战所共同设计解决方案。