Workshop Part 1:
Play With Your Music - MusEDLab Apps & Projects

Design Questions:

  • What music would you like to see in these apps?
  • How might these be adapted for a Chinese context?
  • What are some barriers to using these apps?
  • What are some opportunities these apps enable for teachers, for kids, or for parents?

Videos of Kids using our Apps


Workshop Part 2: 
Play With Your Music - Makey Makey & Scratch

For Makey Makey

For Scratch (and Makey Makey)

Design Questions:

  • Who might use a newly designed Makey Makey for musical use?
  • Why would they want to use it?
  • Where would they want to use it?
  • What are the current challenges in using Makey Makeys for music that you'd like to eliminate? 
  • What current experiences do you want to keep or preserve in your new design?
  • What new experiences might you be able to enable through a new design? What might be easier? Harder? or Better? Why?


Examples from our Design Process - SmartBomb Labs

SmartBomb Labs was a collaboration with Urban Arts Partnership bringing together middle and high school students and teachers designing solutions to challenges at the intersection of the arts and technology. See more here: