The Fresh Ed Annotator is a creative engagement application designed to help students forge a personal connection with educational content through play. Content is delivered in the form of FreshEd-produced rap lessons which include keywords that students can annotate with drawings, their own audio, text, or video. Students can play back and live-jam to their annotations. Teachers can easily access online and use without having to create a login account or downloading and installing any software. The tool is designed so that it can be used by students individually or collaboratively as a group. Individual sessions are saved as unique URLs. 

Fresh Ed is an arts integrated program designed to enhance teaching and learning through culturally responsive pedagogy (teacher practice) and song-writing (student engagement). It gives teachers and students new ways to interact with content-related vocabulary and concepts, to increase knowledge and deepen understanding. Learn more at

Check out FreshEd in action at the SXSW Edu panel: 
Can Hip Hop Save Us? Youth and School Culture

Featuring Audra The Rapper, Brian Mooney, James Miles and John Robinson.